IBA heads of departments

All routine enquiries should be sent to iba@int-bar.org or member@int-bar.org

Executive Director: Mark Ellis
E-mail: mark.ellis@int-bar.org
Short bio: Mark S Ellis May 2015

Executive Assistant: Talia Dove
E-mail: talia.dove@int-bar.org
Personal and project support to Executive Director; organisation and administration of Management Board.

Head of BIC/Assistant to President: Elaine Owen
E-mail: elaine.owen@int-bar.org
Management and oversight of the Bar Issues Commission. Personal and project support to the President; administration of Council meetings and Standing Committees;

Deputy Executive Director: Tim Hughes
E-mail: tim.hughes@int-bar.org

Public relations; press; marketing; advertising; sponsorship; fundraising; membership promotion and records; internet; Computers and Database Committee; IBA merchandise.


Human Resources Director: Donna Canty
E-mail: donna.canty@int-bar.org

Human resource management


Operations Director: Joe Bell
E-mail: joe.bell@int-bar.org

Management and oversight of Marketing, Membership, Sponsorship, Divisions and IBA offices in London, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Washington DC and the Hague.


Human Rights Institute Director:  Phillip Tahmindjis
E-mail: phillip.tahmindjis@int-bar.org

Management of IBAHRI. Missions; long-term technical assistance; interventions; trial observations; workshops; training; newsletters; surveys; and fundraising.

Divisions Director: Ronnie Hart
E-mail: ronnie.hart@int-bar.org

Management and oversight of LPD;  communications between IBA Office, committee officers and members.

Head of Divisions Administration: Astrid Wargenau
E-mail: astrid.wargenau@int-bar.org

Management and oversight of SPPI; communication between IBA Office, committee officers and members.

Departmental E-mails: divisions@int-bar.org

Conferences Director: Julie Elliott
E-mail: julie.elliott@int-bar.org

Management of the department; planning and direction of regional and specialist conferences; implementation of the direction of major conferences.

Departmental E-mail: confs@int-bar.org

Director of Media Content: James Lewis
E-mail: james.lewis@int-bar.org

Editorial responsibility for IBA Global Insight and all the IBA's journals and magazines; newsletters; editorial content of e-news and website.

Departmental E-mail: editor@int-bar.org

Creative Director: Tim Licence
E-mail: tim.licence@int-bar.org

Production responsibility for all publications; newsletters; books; promotional materials; management of web team and responsibility for development of website user experience; Branding and visual identity; photography and filming.


Head of Finance: Glyn Davies
E-mail: glyn.davies@int-bar.org

Quarterly and annual accounts; management of department; tax returns.

Departmental E-mail: accounts@int-bar.org

Office Manager: Lowri Williams
E-mail: lowri.williams@int-bar.org

Office services, facilities and supplies; personnel; management of IT

Departmental E-mail: personnel@int-bar.org

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