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Interview with ClientEarth CEO James Thornton

James Thornton, CEO of public interest environmental law organisation ClientEarth, on environment and the law.

James Thornton discusses the US case Environmental Protection Agency v the Coalition for Responsible Regulation on regulating greenhouse gases; challenges for public interest lawyers in the Green movement; fracking/shale gas v coal power stations; Rio +20 and more. (23:57)


Topics and timings

01:04  US case of Environmental Protection Agency v Coalition for Responsible Regulation on regulating greenhouse gases
03:38  'How did ClientEarth come about?'
05:10  'What specific needs does Client Earth address?'
07:48  The challenges environmental lawyers face in seeking justice
09:46  'How does the Earth pay fees?!'
10:23  Choosing which environmental issues to focus on
14:56  Fracking; fracking v coal power
17:28  Politicisation - is a court of law the right place?
19:54  Rio +20
22:42  'What does the future hold?'


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