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Tax Abuses, Poverty and Human Rights - IBAHRI Task Force report

This new IBAHRI report addresses tax abuses from the novel perspective of human rights law and policy. Based on extensive consultation from diverse perspectives, the expert Task Force offers insight into the links between tax abuses, poverty and human rights. This report analyses the responsibilities and remedies to counter tax abuse and delivers recommendations for states, businesses and the legal profession. This innovative report:

  • provides an overview of tax abuses and secrecy jurisdictions
  • investigates the links between tax abuses, poverty and human rights
  • draws on case studies from Brazil, Jersey and the SADC region
  • evaluates responsibilities and remedies to counter tax abuses affecting human rights
  • delivers recommendations for states, business enterprises and the legal profession

The IBAHRI Report aims to promote the issues relating to tax abuses and human rights in order to inform global policy agendas and to encourage discussion among key stakeholders. Further attention and debate on tax abuses from a human rights perspective is important for developing coherent international standards and good practices for states, businesses and their advisers and financiers. The IBAHRI promotes further research, commentary and discussion in this field. Read more

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CORRECTION NOTE: The IBAHRI publication Tax Abuses, Poverty and Human Rights contains an error on page 67.  The third bullet in the text box on ‘Jersey at a glance’ mistakenly reproduces a bullet about banking secrecy from the case study on Switzerland at page 59.  The correct information is that there are no criminal offences whether statutory or otherwise giving rise to bank secrecy in Jersey.  This has now been amended.


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