Public and Professional Interest Division



  Introduction to the Division

The Public and Professional Interest Division (PPID) consists of the IBA Human Rights Institute (IBAHRI), the Bar Issues Commission (BIC), and the Section on Public and Professional Interest (SPPI).

The PPID constitutes a wide array of projects, activities, committees and other entities focusing on issues and professional interests that make the practice of law a profession and not only an occupation. 

The objectives of the Division are:

  • to promote an interchange of information and views among Member Organisations of the Association and the individual members of the BIC, IBAHRI and SPPI about the public and professional interest activities of the legal profession throughout the world;
  • to support and promote those activities, the Rule of Law and the defence of human rights;
  • to facilitate communication among Member Organisations and its members;
  • to provide the opportunity to Member Organisations and all members to be active in the different parts of the Division through the BIC, IBAHRI, SPPI, their Committees, Fora and other groupings;
  • to undertake such related projects as may be approved from time to time by each one of the parts of the Division and the Division’s Steering Committee. 
Division Steering Group

The Division’s Steering Group consists of the Chair and First Vice-Chair of the BIC, the Chair or Co-Chairs of the IBAHRI, the Chair and the Secretary-Treasurer of the SPPI and a representative for the LPD. This group exercises general coordination of the activities of the Division and the meeting of the objectives of the Division.

Chair, Bar Issues Commission: 

Margery Nicoll
Vice-Chair, Bar Issues Commission: Claudio Visco
Co-Chair, IBAHRI:  Helena Kennedy
Co-Chair, IBAHRI:  Hans Corell
Chair, Section on Public and Professional Interest: Stephen Macliver
Secretary-Treasurer, Section on Public and Professional Interest:  Stephen Denyer
LPD Representative: Pascal Lagesse


Division By-Laws
  • Download a copy of the Public and Professional Interest Division’s By-Laws.
  • Download the IBA Governing Documents handbook
  • Download a copy of the BIC by-laws.
Division Conferences
  • Click here to go to the IBA conferences homepage.
Divisions Activity Fund

The objective of the PPID Activity Fund is to provide financial assistance to the Division’s committees and entities, allowing projects and activities to be launched which would not otherwise be possible. The key criteria are that all such projects or activities must promote public interest and professionalism, and raise the stature and visibility of both the PPID and the IBA.


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