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The Public and Professional Interest Division (PPID) constitutes a wide array of projects, activities, committees and other entities focussing on issues and professional interests throughout the world that make the practice of law a profession and not only an occupation. Member organisations of the Association and the individual members of the Bar Issues Commission (BIC), IBA Human Rights Institute (IBAHRI) and the Section on Public and Professional Interest (SPPI) are encouraged to undertake, support and promote projects/activities that further the Rule of Law and defend human rights globally.
The PPID Steering Group discusses synergies to ensure the strong continued cooperation of all its constituents. A key component of this is the PPID Activity Fund, which allows for the execution of projects and initiatives that represent the values of the Division as a whole.

  Stephen Macliver Chair, SPPI                   
  Stephen Denyer Secretary-Treasurer, SPPI
  Margery Nicoll   Chair, BIC
  Claudio Visco Vice Chair, BIC
  Hans Corell Co-Chair, IBAHRI
  Helena Kennedy    Co-Chair, IBAHRI
  Pascal Lagesse LPD Representative to the PPID

Important Dates

20–23 May

IBA Mid-Year Meetings, Prague, Czech Republic

Meeting of the SPPI Council members and all SPPI committee and other entities’ officers.

4–9 October

IBA Annual General Conference, Vienna, Austria

Meetings of the SPPI Council members and all SPPI committee and all other entities’ officers.

If you would like more information on the Activity Fund or think you have a potential project or activity to be funded, please contact


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For more information on the PPID, please contact Promeeta Chandra in the London Office at

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