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IBA Initiatives

IBA Judicial Integrity Initiative

This project aims to raise awareness of the legal consequences of judicial corruption and combat it by promoting the highest standards of integrity. Read May 2016 report on judicial systems and corruption

Climate change justice

IBA President David W Rivkin emphasises importance of accessible, enforceable dispute resolution frameworks in context of ground-breaking IBA report 'Achieving Justice and Human Rights in an Era of Climate Disruption'

eyeWitness collaboration

The charity Human Rights at Sea has announced an initiative to use the IBA eyeWitness app to document human rights abuses occurring at sea - images and video evidence gathered will be admissible in court

Arbitration e-book

The IBA's first e-book, released December 2015 for devices including Kindle and iPad, looks at issues including investment treaty arbitration, ethics and regulation. Also available for desktop computer

Training Cuban lawyers

In conjunction with Cuba’s National Organization of Collective Law Offices, the IBA has launched a training programme to prepare Cuba’s lawyers for a new era of legal practice

Human rights in North Korea

The IBA has translated the Korean Bar Association's detailed report into human rights in North Korea, which is based on in-depth interviews with more than 100 defectors from the country

My IBA and Directory app

My IBA, the membership management tool, enables you to update your IBA profile and personal details, search the directory and more. The IBA Directory app is also available to members using iOS and Android devices 

Conference quality

This series of short videos aimed at conference speakers and session chairs gives practical tips on delivering effective presentations, organising and chairing successful sessions and more