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IBA student membership is designed to enrich the educational experience of law students and bridge the gap between education and practice. With members from over 70 countries the IBA Law Students' Committee is vibrant and diverse which allows students, from around the world, to communicate with one another whilst learning more about the legal profession and the latest developments in international law. The Law Students' Committee is a platform for students to access the wealth of information and experience available through the IBA and its committees.

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A ‘Student’ for the purposes of the International Bar Association Student Committee is:

  1. A person who is enrolled in a full time undergraduate or graduate legal education course, which leads to a recognised legal qualification. Including those courses that entail an element of practical training.
  2. A person who is enrolled in a part time undergraduate or graduate legal education course which leads to a recognised legal qualification, but who is NOT a qualified legal practitioner engaged in legal employment.


  1. Those who are qualified legal practitioners; AND are engaged in legal employment.
  2. Students enrolled in a non-legal education course.
  3. Students who are currently between courses of legal study, but are not enrolled at an educational institution.
  4. A person who abandons or is expelled from a designated legal education course.

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