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IBA Global Competition Forum website

IBA Global Competition Forum website

The International Bar Association’s Global Competition Forum (GCF) website available at www.globalcompetitionforum.org has become the first one-stop shop for access to the most current versions of the world’s 100-plus competition laws, as well as more than 1,000 direct links to national competition authorities and international organisations with antitrust interests.

Providing coverage of the competition laws and practice of 168 countries, the website offers a detailed look at 38 African jurisdictions, 42 Middle Eastern and Asian regimes, 48 European systems, 21 in North and Central America, 13 in South America and 6 in Oceania. In each case, the most up-to-date text of the country’s governing legislation is displayed, together with all relevant forms, regulations, interpretative guidelines, annual reports, cooperation agreements, press releases, events and the like.

The website is more than just a reference point for legislation. The site has also been designed as a reading room, reference point and publication centre for articles, speeches and commentary by world-renowned experts in competition law enforcement and reform. We greatly appreciate your ongoing assistance with this successful project and encourage you to provide us with any new changes, updates or information relevant to competition law that have taken place in your jurisdiction recently. We are placing a strong emphasis on keeping the website up to date, and welcome your constructive comments on other ways that we can improve the site from the perspective of your jurisdiction. In addition to reviewing the legislation, feel free to bring to our attention any other developments you feel are important.

The GCF is an invaluable resource to the legal community and your ongoing help and cooperation in keeping us up to date will be greatly appreciated. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Anurag Bana at anurag.bana@int-bar.org