International terrorism

IBAHRI Task Force on Terrorism 2011

The IBAHRI convened a Task Force, comprising world-famous jurists, in order to analyse the considerable developments in international law and practice.The events of 9/11 set governments and international law-making bodies a number of complex and novel legal challenges in terms of responding to global terrorism whilst protecting people’s fundamental rights and freedoms.

IBAHRI Task Force on Terrorism 2003

In 2003, a Terrorism Task Force was formed to analyse the challenges posed by international terrorism.  The Task Force draw on the expertise of its high-profile members, the input from specialised IBAHRI working groups and information gained during meetings with high-level officials around the world.

The report focuses on key areas including: civil liberties and human rights; the use of force as a response to terrorism; preventing the financing of terrorism and international cooperation in criminal justice; and the role of the ICC.

Amicus Curiae Briefs

An Amicus Brief was submitted to the US Supreme Court in January 2006 in partnership with the New York City Bar in Hamdan v Rumsfeld. The brief is filed in support of Guantanamo Bay detainees being treated in accordance with Article 3 under the Geneva Convention. Read more

The IBAHRI, the Commonwealth Lawyers Association and the International Commission of Jurists made submissions to the UK House of Lords concerning the admissibility in UK proceedings of evidence obtained in torture. Read more

Other IBAHRI projects on Terrorism

Swaziland: a report with Amnesty International Suppression of Terrorism Act undermines human rights in Swaziland. Read more
Guantanamo Bay: a series of commentary papers. Read more