Swaziland anti-terrorism laws report, 2009
The IBAHRI worked in conjunction with Amnesty International to release a report on Swaziland's new anti-terrorism laws. The report deems the laws as a threat to the protection of human rights in the country.

Swaziland human rights training, 2005
The IBAHRI conducted a five-day Colloquium for Swaziland’s judges and magistrates in 2005, on the subject of human rights, in the context of Swaziland imminently adopting a new Constitution.

Swaziland capacity building, 2005
The IBAHRI assisted in the creation of a database of decisions of the courts in Swaziland to enhance the rule of law in the country. A searchable system was constructed with judgments uploaded and available online. They will also be available on CD for those without internet access.

Swaziland, advice on proposed legislation, 2003
In 2003, the IBAHRI conducted a review of the draft Swaziland consitution and issued a report entitled 'Swaziland: Striving for Democratic Governance: An Analysis of the Draft Swaziland Constitution'.

Swaziland fact-finding, 2003
In January 2003, the IBAHRI sent a mission to Swaziland following concern for the deterioration of the rule of law. Following the mission the IBAHR Ireleased a detailed report containing findings and recommendations.