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Mediation vs. Arbitration: Best Friends or Best Enemies? A view from Asia

1- 2 December 2016, Hong Kong SAR


IBA-VIAC Mediation and Negotiation Competition 
10-14 July 2017, Vienna, Austria

IBA Annual Conference 2017
8–13 October 2017, International Convention Centre, Sydney, Australia


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IBA Annual Conferences


Past Mediation Committee Conferences


Psychological Mediation and Mediation Advocacy Course, with the opportunity of IMI Advocacy certification
Understanding the Psychology of Conflict - A Course for Mediators and Mediation Advocates
27-29 October 2016, Regent's University, London, England

IBA Annual Conference 2016

18-23 September 2016, Washington DC, USA


IBA Annual Conference 2015
4-9 October 2015, Vienna, Austria

IBA-VIAC International Mediation and Negotiation Competition - Consensual Dispute Resolution Competition
1-4 July 2015, Vienna

The 'CDRC Vienna' is a premiering event in the field of Consensual Dispute Resolution, especially focusing on the fields of mediation and negotiation. The Competition will bring together students from around the world who specialize in mediation or negotiation to enable them to prove their skill and strategy to achieve the best deals in simulated legal mediations based on an adapted version of the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot problem. The four day competition event will include over 40 competition sessions and will be accompanied by a variety of educational and social events, including world-class mediation and negotiation trainings. Find out more at




IBA Annual Conference 2011
30 October - 4 November, Dubai, UAE
Mediation Committee sessions at Dubai


The Mediation Committee held the following events in 2008:

Download a report on the Mediation Committee's programmes which were held at the IBA Annual Conferences in Prague, 25–30 September 2005 and Chicago, 17–22 September 2006.

  • Co-Sponsor of the Fordham Conference on International Arbitration and Mediation on 18–19 June 2007

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