Mediation overview


The Mediation Committee focuses on laws, practices and procedures relating to the mediation, conciliation, and negotiation of transnational disputes, as well as other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes. The committee seeks to advance the information available to the international legal community about such processes and techniques for implementing them; to contribute to the development of improved practices and ethical standards in the field; and to draw attention to legal developments and problems relating to mediation and ADR.

The committee also has a subcommittee devoted to developments related to the UNCITRAL Model Law on Mediation.

Additionally, the Mediation Committee works with the following IBA committees to form the Dispute Resolution Section:

National representatives


Argentina Sebastián Rodrigo
Australia Robert Hunt
Austria Nikolaus Pitkowitz
Belgium Helena De Backer
Bermuda Michelle St. Jane
Brazil Cristina de Andrade Salvador
Canada Paul Jacobs QC
England Joe Tirado
Finland Antti Heikinheimo
France Thierry Garby
Germany Mathias Schwarz
Italy Sara Carmeli
India Sririam Panchu
Indonesia Karen Mills
Ireland Helen Kilroy
Mexico Thomas S Heather
Nigeria Sola Ephraim-Oluwanuga
Netherlands Martin Brink
Scotland Tricia Barclay
Spain Cliff Hendel
Spain Mercedes Tarrazón
Sweden Stefan Brocker
Switzerland Birgit Sambeth Glasner
Gambia Amie Joof-Contech
USA Kathleen Scanlon


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