International Attrition and Re-Engagement Study

Research shows that there are significant gaps in diversity in more senior roles in the legal profession. Although women are graduating with law degrees and entering legal careers at higher rates than men, significantly fewer women continue into senior positions within the legal profession.The International Bar Association's Legal Policy & Research Unit (LPRU) is undertaking an international research study, to address diversity within the legal profession.

Please select the below survey that most closely matches your current situation  

The survey is based on the Law Council of Australia’s National Attrition and Re-engagement Study, the findings of which can be accessed here. The LPRU is seeking to obtain quantitative data and confirm trends in the progression of lawyers, and produce a report outlining practical measures which can be implemented to address the causes of high attrition rates among women lawyers, and re-engage women lawyers who have left the profession. The results of the study will help guide the future direction of LPRU projects, including the Women Business Lawyers Initiative.  

The study aims to improve understanding about the respective experiences and motivations of legal practitioners as they progress through their careers, and to improve understanding of the reasons why lawyers choose to leave the legal profession or choose a different career path. This will lead to the development of retention strategies for law firms and legal associations.

This survey is one of a number of research activities being undertaken as part of the study. The survey will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete, and will collect information relating to your current employment, career moves and progression since admission and future career aspirations.  

All information is confidential and specific information provided about individuals and organisations will not be identified or disclosed to any other party. All results will be de-identified and aggregated for analysis and reporting. Nothing you say will be attributed to yourself or your organisation. All questions are mandatory. Therefore, the option of ‘other’ or ‘N/A’ is available for those of you for whom one or more question do not apply