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International Trade in Legal Services Committee Home

The Committee's mandate is to monitor the work of the WTO Globally and provide information and guidance to Bar Associations and Law Societies to answer questions potentially raised by trade negotiators from their own countries.

Some of these IBA documents have been translated into other languages which can be accessed here


IBA Global Cross Border Legal Services Report



GATS Handbook (revised 2013)

Also available in French and Spanish

  Resolution of the IBA Council on Transfer of Skills and Liberalization of Trade in Legal Services, 2008   Resolution in Support of a System of Terminology for Legal Services for the Purposes of International Trade Negotiations, 2003
Communication to the WTO on the Suitability of Applying to the Legal Profession the WTO Disciplines for the Accountancy Sector, 2003   Standards and Criteria for Recognition of the Professional Qualifications of Lawyers, 2001   Resolution on the Regulation of
the Legal Profession, 1998
IBA Statement of General Principles for the Establishment and Regulation of Foreign Lawyers,1998