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Dear BIC members,

It is an honour and a challenge to succeed my friend Jim Klotz as Chair of the BIC.

I have been working in the BIC since it started. I have had the pleasure of serving as Vice-Chair for two successive terms and presently serve as Chair of the Policy Committee.

During this time I have seen the BIC grow and reach its full maturity. It is now one of the most dynamic parts of the IBA. The debates and discussions raised by the BIC are both of interest and useful to the IBA which has increasingly recognised the BIC’s success and contribution.

Now, thanks to Jim and his precessors, the BIC is a well structured forum of discussions for the Bars and Lawyers’ Associations around the world, the presence of which enhances the work and the importance of the IBA as the voice of the legal profession. One of my tasks, that I accept with pleasure, will be to enhance the geographical outreach of the BIC, bringing other jurisdictions and different experiences to our discussions.

It is very important to keep the rest of the IBA fully aware of the discussions held within the BIC. The interaction between the BIC and the other commissions and committees of the divisions of the association shall be one of the priorities of my term as Chair.

Our commission is now fully structured and, therefore, ready to grow, to increase in relevancy. Margery Nicoll, Claudio Visco, our Officers at Large, Elaine Owen and I, along with our very active membership, shall be ready to conduct this process.

I hope to be able to fulfil the expectations of an increasingly active and relevant BIC and I look forward to continuing to serve the BIC and the IBA..

Kind regards

Horacio Bernardes Neto
Motta, Fernandes Rocha, São Paulo

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Since its inception in 1948, over 200 bar associations and law societies worldwide have joined the IBA. Together, they make the IBA ‘the global voice of the legal profession’. The bar associations also form the governing ‘Council’ of the IBA which passes resolutions and guidelines that influence and support the worldwide legal profession.

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