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  • Reasons to join the global voice of the legal profession

    At the IBA we understand that as our world continues to outgrow national frameworks, we see increasing demand for international dialogue and collaboration, and in some cases, rules and guidelines. This fact has drawn more people and institutions to look to the IBA and to our work over the last 69 years, to play a role in these endeavours.

    IBA membership – more than 80,000 individual lawyers and more than 190 bar associations and law societies spanning over 160 countries.

    Benefits of IBA membership:

    • Gain access to a network of over 80,000 lawyers around the world
    • Discuss and debate the key issues in the profession with experts and peers
    • Learn about the latest legal developments from a library of articles and papers available to members through our specialist publications
    • Receive discounted rates for the IBA’s programme of world class conferences
    • Discover unrivalled opportunities to build international business contacts


    Membership Home

  • Individual Membership

    Two types of individual membership packages are available – Full Membership and General Membership.

    Full IBA membership

    This includes membership of the IBA, LPD and PPID (with one free committee in LPD, one free committee or other entity in PPID and one free regional forum)

    •  Standard rate £255/year
    • * Discount rate £153/year

    General IBA membership

    This includes membership of the IBA and the PPID (with one free committee or other entity in PPID and one free regional forum)

    • Standard rate £130/year
    • * Discount rate £78/year

    *Discounted membership: A 40 per cent discount is available for full-time academics, judges, government lawyers, retired lawyers and lawyers from low income countries. View the low-income country listing.


    Individual Membership

  • Group Membership

    IBA Group membership allows firms to obtain full IBA membership for all their lawyers globally with one single annual payment. Firms who choose this membership package also benefit from:

    • Enhanced opportunities to engage in high level debate
    • Centralised and streamlined administration of members
    • Contribute to the improvement of law across borders
    • The positioning of their firm as leading supporters of both the maintenance and enhancement of human rights and the rule of law
    • A greater involvement in the education and development of the legal profession throughout the world
    • Further exclusive group member benefits



    Group Membership

  • Corporate Membership

    The IBA Corporate Membership is available to corporations who wish to sign up their entire in-house legal team worldwide to be members of the IBA. This membership is specially designed to cater for in house legal departments of leading international corporations. With one annual payment ALL lawyers worldwide become FULL members of the IBA wherever they are located.

    • Risk awareness - build business intelligence on issues allowing you to pre-empt their impact and to exploit the opportunities they present
    • Develop expertise – become members of any of the 70 + IBA specialist Committees and Fora, gaining access to sector and practice area specific developments, online information, publications, events and networking
    • Global access - gain instant access to the expertise available from the 80,000 IBA members worldwide
    • FREE delegate places - at selected IBA conferences plus savings of 25% on delegate rates for more than 50 world class conferences worldwide
    • International perspective - Be part of the debate on changes and developments in international regulation and legal practice



    Corporate Membership

  • Bar Association/Law Society Membership

    Join 190 Bar Associations and Law Societies as a Member Organisation of the IBA

    • Nominate up to 3 bar representatives to become IBA Members
    • Share information with, and learn from other Bars and Law Societies around the world
    • Discuss and vote on resolutions that can affect and influence the legal profession worldwide
    • Receive support from the IBA should your bar association or law society be under undue pressure by the authorities or is experiencing difficulties.
    • Enhance the education of lawyers belonging to your bar association or law society by using a variety of educational facilities


    Bar Association/Law Society Membership

  • Student Membership

    IBA Student Membership is designed to enrich the educational experience of law students and bridge the gap between education and practice. With members from over 70 countries the IBA Student Committee is vibrant and diverse which allows students, from around the world, to communicate with one another whilst learning more about the legal profession and the latest developments in international law.

    • Bridge the gap between legal education and employment
    • Familiarise yourself with future employers, and their work
    • Receive online access to all IBA publications including journals, newsletters, and magazines, providing extensive specialist information in a wide range of legal areas
    • Engage in CV enhancing projects


    Student Membership