Notice of review of IBA structure


The Association was restructured in 2003, based on the recommendations given by the former Review Committee and restructuring approved by the IBA Council.

It was also agreed as part of that restructuring process that the functioning of the new structure of the Association would be reviewed after five years of experience under the new system in order to introduce any change that might be necessary to enable the Association to meet its objectives and the needs of its members.

Consistent with that expectation, the Management Board established a Review Committee during Fernando Pelaez-Pier’s term as IBA President.  At the Management Board meeting held in Nassau in February 26th, 2011 the Management Board re-affirmed the need to conduct this review and approved: 1) the appointment of the 2011 Review Committee; 2) the time table for its activities, which includes meetings of the Committee in Warsaw in May 2011 and Dubai in November 2011 and a final proposal to be submitted to the Management Board in February 2012 and to the IBA Council in May 2012. The Management Board granted to the Committee a broad remit to review whatever it considers as appropriate within the context of how the structure of the association works.

The members of the 2011 Review Committee have been appointed to consider the interests of the Association and its members as a whole above the particular interests of any parts of the Association that they may represent and to introduce those changes that might be necessary in order to bring further clarity and cohesion to create a better structure by which the IBA could operate more efficiently and to serve better its individual and bar organization members.

The members of the Review Committee are:

Fernando Peláez-Pier IBA Immediate Past President
Tomas Lindholm Former IBA Treasurer and Member of the 2003 Review Committee
David W. Rivkin IBA Secretary General
Martin Solc Former PPID Chair and HRI Co-Chair
Sylvia Khatcherian LPD Chair
Michael Greene LPD Vice Chair
Hendrik Haag Former LPD Chair
Bob Stein Former PPID Chair
Peter Maynard PPID Chair
Gabrielle Williamson PPID Vice Chair
Michael Kutschera Former BIC Chair
James Klotz BIC Chair
John Corcoran Member of the Management Board


September 2011