Glossary - A

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Academic and Professional Development Committee ♦
The Academic and Professional Development Committee was founded as a networking entity to facilitate dialogue and exchange of information on research, contacts, sabbatical posts and fellowships, short-term teaching exchanges and facilities for visiting members among law teachers within and beyond the IBA, ensuring members benefit from a network based on mutual assistance.

Discharge of defendant following verdict or direction of not guilty.

A barrister or solicitor representing a party in a hearing before a Court

African Regional Forum ♦
The problems facing African lawyers are different from those affecting lawyers in other regions. To this end, the African Regional Forum was created to identify and address these problems.

Agency Distribution Agreements Subcommittee ♦
This is a subcommittee of the International Sales Committee.

Includes North American and South American countries.

Amicus Curiae ¤
Friend of the court. A person who is not engaged in the case, but who brings to the court’s attention a point which has apparently been overlooked.

Anti-Corruption Committee ♦


Anti-Money Laundering Legislation Implementation Group ♦
The Anti-Money Laundering Legislation Implementation Group is a specialised working group of the Professional Ethics Committee of the IBA's Public and Professional Interest Division.

Antitrust Committee ♦
The Antitrust Committee provides an international forum for the exchange of the most current thinking in the field of antitrust law. This is a committee of the Antitrust and Trade Law Section.

Arab Regional Forum ♦
Working alongside national bars, lawyers active in, or with an interest in the region, are provided with a forum to establish contact and exchange information.

Arbitration Committee ♦
The Arbitration Committee focuses on laws, practice and procedures relating to the arbitration of transnational disputes. This is a committee of the Dispute Resolution Section.

Art, Cultural Institutions and Heritage Law Committee ♦
The Committee on Art, Cultural Institutions and Heritage Law is concerned with all aspects of law as it relates to art, artists, and cultural heritage in the broadest context. This is a committee of the Intellectual Property, Communications and Technology Law Section.

Asia Pacific
Includes East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia and Australasia, plus the states in the Pacific Ocean itself (Oceania).

Asia Pacific Regional Forum ♦
In addition to offering an unrivalled opportunity to establish contact among lawyers within and outside the region, and with acknowledged experts on different areas of law, specialist forum activities provide an unparalleled opportunity to keep abreast of legal business developments in the region.


Associate Organisation
An organisation of members of the legal profession which is not created and does not exist primarily for the purpose of exercising and conducting their profession.

Aviation Law Committee ♦
The Aviation Law Committee is concerned with several major areas of law. Aircraft transactions and financing are always a major interest. This is a committee of the Maritime and Aviation Section.

Result of an arbitration hearing or the amount of damages assessed by a Court.


- Committee specific
¤ - IBA Human Rights Institute specific