Glossary - B

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Banking Law Committee ♦
The Banking Law Committee provides a worldwide forum for banking lawyers and other legal professionals within the banking community. This is a committee of the Financial Services Section.

Banking Regulation Subcommittee ♦
This is a subcommittee of the Banking Law Committee. This Subcommittee focuses on the regulations of financial conglomerates as well as on new developments in the area of banking regulation.

The collective term for barristers.

Bar Associations
A professional body of lawyers.

Bar Issues Commission
The IBA’s Bar Issues Commission provides an invaluable forum for IBA member organisations to discuss all matters relating to law at an international level.

Bar Representatives
Representatives from Bar Associations sit on the IBA Council which is the governing body of the IBA.

Bar Vocational Course (BVC)
A graduate course that is completed by those wishing to be called to the Bar, i.e. to practise as a barrister in England and Wales.

A member of the bar: a lawyer entitled to represent clients in all the courts.

See Bar Issues Commission.

BIC Policy

Bribery and Corruption

Business Crime Committee ♦
The Business Crime Committee's primary objective is to promote awareness within the business community and among transactional lawyers of the growing significance of legal compliance. This is a committee of the Criminal Law Section.

Business Intelligence

Business Law Committee ♦

See Bar Vocational Course.

By-law or Bye-law
An ordinance affecting the public or some portion of the public imposed by some authority clothed with statutory powers, ordering something to be done or not to be done and accompanied by some sanction or penalty for its non-observance.


♦ - Committee specific
¤ - IBA Human Rights Institute specific