Glossary - D

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Death Penalty or Capital punishment ¤
Death by hanging.

A law.

Discrimination Law Committee ♦
The committee is concerned with discrimination and gender equality issues which arise in the profession and under the general law. This is a committee of the Human Resources Section.

Dispute Resolution Subcommittee ♦
This is a subcommittee of the International Construction Projects Committee. This subcommittee deals with the choice of the method of dispute resolution in international construction projects and all other issues relating to adjudication, arbitration and litigation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

Disputes and Rights Subcommittee ♦
This is a subcommittee of the Technology Law Committee. The Disputes and Rights Subcommittee is concerned with the underlying law and procedures relating to disputes involving intellectual property rights (patents, designs, copyright, data rights, confidential information and branding rights), information technology and communications whether by litigation or increasingly by arbitration and other means of dispute resolution.

The Legal Practice Division (LPD) and / or the Public and Professional Interest Division (PPID).


♦ - Committee specific
¤ - IBA Human Rights Institute specific