Glossary - U

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United Kingdom Energy Lawyers Group (UKELG) ♦
This is part of the Oil and Gas Committee.

UNCITRAL Model Law Subcommittee ♦
The Mediation Committee has a subcommittee devoted to developments related to the UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Conciliation. The primary objective of the subcommittee will be to study in detail certain provisions of the Conciliation Model Law, and make recommendations for its use and future adoption by national governments around the world.

Underwriting and Distribution Subcommittee ♦
This is a subcommittee of the Securities Law Committee.

User Generated Content Subcommittee ♦
This is a subcommittee of the Technology Law Committee. The subcommittee deals with content-related issues on the internet, hereunder what content is permitted and how such content should be regulated and/or monitored.


♦ - Committee specific
¤ - IBA Human Rights Institute specific