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War Crimes Committee ♦
The IBA’s War Crimes Committee is the only IBA committee of its kind focused specifically on international criminal law. It endeavours to provide IBA members with comprehensive and reliable information and resources on international criminal law. The committee works alongside the IBA Human Rights Institute to promote justice around the world and uphold the principle of accountability.

Water Law Committee ♦
This is a committee of the Section on Energy, Environment, Natural Resources and Infrastructure Law (SEERIL).

Women Lawyers’ Interest Group ♦
The Women Lawyers' Interest Group of the International Bar Association offers a forum for women members from Australia to Zambia to discuss topics of global significance to women practitioners.

Working Group
Also referred to as task groups or technical advisory groups. An interdisciplinary collaboration of researchers working on new research activities that would be difficult to develop under traditional funding mechanisms.

World Organisations CommitteeInactive as of 2013
The aim of this working Committee was to oversee IBA contacts with the UN and other World Organisations, ensuring that the relevant Division and HRI Committees and Constituents were fully informed and their inputs co-ordinated.

World Trade Organisations Working Group (WTO) ♦
Former name for the Bar Issues Commission's International Trade in Legal Services Committee


♦ - Committee specific
¤ - IBA Human Rights Institute specific