Malawi human rights training, 2013

The IBAHRI has provided long standing capacity-building support to the Malawi Law Society in order to strengthen the Society’s role as regulator of the legal profession and advocate of the rule of law. At the end of  September the IBAHRI will coordinate a conference in partnership with the Malawi Law Society entitled, 'The African human rights system: Workshop for human rights trainers in Malawi' . The two-day workshop aims to engage lawyers in the utilisation of regional human rights institutions, such as the African Court and African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights, in the promotion of human rights and, in particular, in the protection of the rights of sexual minorities. Experts from Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights will lead the workshop, incorporating sessions on how to be an effective trainer so that participating lawyers will be equipped with the skills and confidence to share learnings with their legal colleagues as part of the law Society’s Continuing Professional Development programme.