Editorial - June/July 2014

Welcome to the June/July edition of IBA Global Insight. This issue focuses attention on the remarkable events at the eastern extremities of Europe, following protests, the ousting of a president and the annexation of Crimea by Russia. Talk of corruption, flawed rule of law, human rights violations, and the implications for the flow of scarce energy resources make this natural terrain for this magazine.

The cover feature (Fighting for a better future), was filed shortly before the presidential elections in late May. Nevertheless, the matters discussed are still very much live. As the edition goes to press, the future of Ukraine appears to be hanging in the balance.

The pages that follow also give in-depth coverage to closely related issues. Among the primary responses from the world’s leading powers has been the imposition of sanctions. Guilty until proven innocent lifts the lid on this Kafkaesque world where the normal rules of justice and accountability appear not to apply.

Elsewhere, (in Crises highlight energy dependency concerns, and Energy: the future of fracking) we explore the implications of unrest – not only in Ukraine, but also in Venezuela – when it comes to dwindling natural resources. The position of Russia and its growing links with an increasingly powerful and energy-hungry China look likely to become ever more pertinent.

We hope you enjoy this edition.

James Lewis