Terrorism and International Law: Accountability, Remedies and Reform



This report examines the developments in international law and practice in a dynamic and often controversial area. The Task Force comprises world famous jurists and is chaired by Justice Richard Goldstone. This book provides a global overview of counter-terrorism, including but not restricted to the US-led ‘war on terror’, by considering case law and examples of state practice from all continents. Other isses addressed in the Report include:

  • the framework of international conventions against terrorism
  • international humanitarian law
  • international human rights law
  • the investigation and prosecution of terrorist crimes and of international crimes committed in the course of counter-terrorism
  • reform in counter-terrorism
  • victims’ right to a remedy and reparations

The book closes with conclusions and recommendations from the Task Force focusing on how the international community can ensure respect for human rights and the rule of law when responding to the threat of terrorism.