IBA Global Insight - December 2012

FEATURES: Making poverty history

Making poverty history

Muhammad Yunus was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006 having successfully developed microfinance to address poverty in Bangladesh. Starting with just $27 over 30 years ago, his Grameen Bank has grown to become a multibillion enterprise lending almost exclusively to women. At the IBA Annual Conference in Dublin, he spoke to James Lewis.

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The rebirth of Africa?

A key market for multinationals eager to capitalise on global demand for natural resources and cater to rapidly urbanising populations, the continent of 54 states at varying stages of economic and legal development nevertheless presents unique challenges.

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The long road of reform

Burma has recently made rapid progress along the road to democracy. But legal uncertainties and the rise of an untested opposition party make foreign investment a very complicated prospect.

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States of the union

Despite the recently awarded Nobel Peace Prize, the position of the European Union looks precarious. As the debt crisis continues, tensions are mounting between Brussels and member states outside the eurozone.

Devout democracy

The Taliban’s shooting of a young activist in the name of sharia law confirmed many people’s worst fears about the attitude of Islamists toward human rights and the rule of law. As Islamic parties come to dominate the fledgling Arab Spring democracies, IBA Global Insight examines whether such concerns are justified.
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