Morocco, national conference on the death penalty, January 2014

The IBAHRI, in partnership with the Moroccan human rights organisation Adala, held a national conference against the death penalty in Rabat, Morocco on 10 January 2014. The Conference  provided a platform for domestic abolitionist networks, including the newly established network of lawyers, to collaborate on an advocacy strategy for penal reform relating to the death penalty in Morocco.

The IBAHRI has been working to mobilise growing support for abolition  among the legal community in Morocco since 2012, recognising that lawyers are critical actors in advocating for abolition of the death penalty - playing a fundamental role in legal reform.

The conference marks the conclusion of the IBAHRI’s current project in Morocco during which the IBAHRI’s Legal Consultant Mrs Jamila Sayouri coordinated four regional workshops addressed to lawyers on international human rights law as relates to debate on the death penalty. Over 80 lawyers attended the workshops with 59 lawyers signing a petition for the abolition of the death penalty.

The national conference brought together over 80 abolitionists, including the network of lawyers.  This legal network will work collaboratively with national and international coalitions, including the parliamentary network against the death penalty, to mobilise professional associations in to the abolition movement.