Russian-Polish Legal Day - Warsaw, 21 November, 2012 - summary

Delegates at the Russian-Polish Legal Day

The first Russian-Polish Legal Day took place in Warsaw on 21 November 2012.

In recent years the European Forum has included the organisation of such bilateral events in its activity.

Polish and German representatives of the European Forum were instrumental in bringing about the Polish-German (November 2008) and the German-Polish (April 2011) Legal Days, respectively in Warsaw and Berlin.

The Ukrainian-Polish Legal Day was held in Lviv on 19 September 2012, continuing the tradition of organising these events between neighbouring countries.

The idea for the Russian-Polish Legal Day was born following numerous discussions at IBA conferences in Moscow and during meetings with representatives of the Russian legal profession and the Federal and Moscow Bars as well as the Polish national and Warsaw branches of professional legal self-governments.

Andrzej Zwara, President of the Polish Bar, authorised Tomasz Wardynski, Advisory Board Member of the European Forum, to represent him in talks with Evgeny Semenyako, President of Russia’s Federal Chamber of Advocates.

Michael Reynolds and Vassily Rudomino

On the Russian side, Vassily Rudomino was instrumental in bringing about the event. He represented the Moscow Advocate Chamber and Federal Chamber of Advocates in his position as Council member.

Michael Reynolds, the IBA’s President-elect, and with an in-depth knowledge of the Russian legal community, fully supported the event and was one of the key note speakers opening the conference.

The event, featuring sessions on investment, capital markets and intellectual property rights, aimed to forge closer ties between the Polish and Russian legal and business communities and (building on close cultural contacts between the two countries), cultural communities.

The Russian-Polish Legal Day took place under the honorary patronage of Alexander Alekseev, the Russian Ambassador to Poland and Wojciech Zajaczkowski, the Polish Ambassador to the Russian Federation.

Beata Stelmach

Beata Stelmach, Poland’s Deputy Foreign Minister, was a special guest at the conference. In her opening remarks she focused on growing business contacts between Poland and Russia.

The event was supported by numerous Russian and Polish law firms, legal professional organisations at local and national level, as well as copyright organisations in both countries (ZAiKS on the Polish side and RAO on the Russian side).

Representatives of the Warsaw Stock Exchange and Polish Association of Listed Companies invited us to hold the conference at the Warsaw Stock Exchange and took an active part in organising the event and moderating conference sessions.

The conference proved very successful, with 176 registered participants. A formal dinner was held on 20 November and a smaller post-conference reception followed on 21 November.

Third panel - copyright law

The crowning effect of the conference was the signing of a Cooperation Agreement between the Regional Chamber of Attorneys-at-Law in Warsaw, and the Warsaw Bar jointly and the Moscow City Advocate Chamber. Polish legal organisations were represented by Ziemislaw Gintowt, Dean of the Warsaw Bar and Michal Stepniewski, Dean of the Regional Chamber of Attorneys-at-Law in. On the Russian side the Agreement was signed by Vassily Rudomino representing the Moscow City Advocate Chamber.

The conference was reported in the Polish media.  An article was published in one of Poland’s leading daily newspapers, Rzeczpospolita, and Polish radio ran two programmes including interviews with Vassily Rudomino, Tomasz Wardynski and Ekaterina Ananyeva and Krzysztof Lewandowski from Russian and Polish copyrights organisations.

The organisers have agreed to hold the second Russian-Polish Legal Day in Russia at the end of 2013 or 2014.


The conference was opened by:

  • Ludwik Sobolewski – President of the Warsaw Stock Exchange
  • Beata Stelmach – Poland’s Deputy Foreign Minister
  • Michael Reynolds – IBA President Elect
  • Vassily Rudomino - Moscow Advocate Chamber
  • Tomasz Wardynski – on behalf of the organizing committee and the Polish Bar

Honorary Patronage:

Alexander Alekseev, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Republic of Poland

Wojciech Zajaczkowski, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to the Russian Federation


Organising committee:

International Bar Association, Wardynski & Partners, Warsaw Stock Exchange, Polish Association of Listed Companies, Alrud



Domanski, Zakrzewski, Palinka, Soltysinski Kawecki & Szlezak, Wierzbowski Eversheds, Warsaw Bar Council


Under the auspices of:

National Council of Legal Advisers, Polish Bar Council, Circuit Chamber of Legal Counsel in Warsaw, Russian Authors' Society (RAO) and Polish Society of Authors and Composers (ZAiKS)