The International Criminal Court calls for a closer dialogue with IBA member bar associations

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has called for enhanced dialogue with bar associations across the globe. The call was made during a visit to the ICC in The Hague by 50 senior IBA bar leaders from around the world.

Judge Philippe Kirsch, ICC President, warmly welcomed delegates, and together with the ICC Registrar, Silvana Arbia, and the ICC Prosecutor, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, stressed the key role played by the IBA in encouraging support for the ICC by national bar associations.

Justice Richard Goldstone, IBA Human Rights Institute Co-Chair and former Prosecutor at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia commented: ‘Tremendous progress has been made in the field of international criminal law in the past 15 years. In relation to the work of the ICC, bars can play an important role by encouraging their governments to ratify the Rome Statute establishing the ICC and, in states that have ratified it, by supporting the adoption of implementing legislation.’

The Head of the Division of Victims and Counsel, Didier Daniel Preira, as well as the Principal Counsel for Defence and for Victims, Xavier-Jean Keita, and Paolina Massidda, respectively, also addressed delegates highlighting the importance of quality legal representation before the Court and the steps undertaken by their respective offices to ensure it.

In this regard Mark Ellis, IBA Executive Director, stated:

‘The quality of the defence and counsel-related issues before the ICC are important matters for the IBA. As part of our monitoring and outreach efforts on the ICC, the IBA will continue to advocate for geographical representation and gender balance within the ICC List of Counsel.’

The visit to the ICC was organised as a part of the IBA’s ongoing ICC Monitoring and Outreach Programme, which is supported by the MacArthur Foundation. The event represented a unique opportunity to engage bar associations in a closer dialogue with the Court’s top officials and reinforces the IBA’s commitment to bridge the gap between national legal communities and the ICC.

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