Global organisations to hold anti-corruption workshops in Southern Africa

The International Bar Association (IBA), Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) will host anti-corruption workshops in Cape Town, South Africa, and Windhoek, Namibia, on 29 October and 30 October respectively.

The workshops are part of the global organisations’ joint Anti-Corruption Strategy for the Legal Profession (Strategy) – a project focusing on the role lawyers play in international corruption and on how international instruments and extraterritorial legislation applies to legal practice. Arranged in partnership with the Law Society of South Africa (LSSA) and the Law Society of Namibia (LSN) it is the third time that the event will be held in South Africa – following two previous successful Strategy workshops in Johannesburg and Durban – and the first time in Namibia in Windhoek.  

Nicola Bonucci, Co-Chair of the IBA Anti-Corruption Committee said, ‘Africa, and in particular the South African region, is a growing economic reality which attracts increased levels of foreign direct investment. Lawyers working in an international environment have therefore to understand the realities of the fight against transnational bribery. The IBA, OECD and UNODC Anti-Corruption Strategy is an uniquely tailored programme for lawyers and a wonderful tool for raising awareness.’

The aim of the Strategy workshops, to be attended by senior level practitioners from law firms regularly involved in international business transactions, is to generate awareness of international corruption by:

  • Introducing the international anti-corruption framework;
  • Exposing the risks and threats corruption poses to legal professionals;
  • Outlining the complexities of international transactions and the severity of the sanctions incurred for involvement in corruption;
  • Detailing the growing expectation multinational clients require of their external legal counsel;
  •  Specifying the rigorous anti-corruption compliance standards; and
  • Sharing methods as to how anti-corruption compliance standards may be met.

Included in the line-up of international and regional speakers are:

  • Nicola Bonucci, OECD Director for Legal Affairs;
  • Kishor Harri, Financial Intelligence Centre South Africa; and
  • Paulus Noa, Director, Anti-Corruption Commission, Namibia.

Organisations also supporting the Strategy workshop are: Control Risks, Eni SpA, Edwards Nathan Sonnenbergs, and Norton Rose.

To date a total of 17 Strategy workshops have been held across Asia, Europe and Latin America with approximately 700 lawyers in attendance.

For further information about the IBA, OECD and UNODC Anti-Corruption Strategy for the Legal Profession, go to or contact Ms Laverne Thomas of the IBA Legal Projects Team at


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