IBAHRI to launch new torture prevention toolkit in Rio

Today, in partnership with the Rio de Janeiro State Government Human Rights Secretariat, the International Bar Association’s Human Rights Institute (IBAHRI) will launch a torture prevention toolkit for Brazilian prison monitors.  
Supported by the Australian Government’s Direct Aid Program – ‘a flexible small grants programme funded from Australia’s aid budget and managed through 66 of the department’s overseas posts’ –  the launch of the toolkit, at the Rio de Janeiro State Court, marks the start of a new IBAHRI partnership. 
The toolkit provides practical guidance for prison bodies and civil society organisations for monitoring the conditions of detention in compliance with international standards. It is comprised of lesson plans, checklists, booklets and other material and follows Protecting Brazilians from Torture: A Manual for Judges, Prosecutors, Public Defenders and Lawyers, a theory-based manual directed towards judges, lawyers and prosecutors, co-produced by the IBAHRI and Brazilian justice bodies. 
‘We are delighted to continue our collaboration with key Brazilian justice institutions on this important project and look forward to conducting related training programmes  across Brazil throughout 2016,’ said Baroness Helena Kennedy, IBAHRI Co-Chair. ‘With the Olympics taking place in Rio next year, Brazil is currently under the international spotlight. We hope that this project will contribute to its efforts in ensuring that law enforcement and prison management is carried out in a way that respects the absolute prohibition on torture, and other forms of ill-treatment. I am particularly delighted that we will have the opportunity to work directly with those communities most affected and the Ministry of Justice’s secretariat to improve access to justice for citizens, the Casa de Direitos.’
National and international experts speaking at the launch on Wednesday will include: Marcelo Veiga, Government Secretary for Judicial Reform, Rogerio Sottili, Government Secretary for Human Rights, Margarida Pressburger, a member of the United Nations Sub-Committee on the Prevention of Torture; Patrick Lawless, the Australian Ambassador to Brazil; and Conor Foley, author of the toolkit.
Notes to the Editor
(1) Protecting Brazilians from Torture: A Manual for Judges, Prosecutors, Public Defenders and Lawyers was launched in 2012. Now in its second edition, more than 10,000 copies have been distributed and used in training legal professionals throughout Brazil. The manual provides practical guidance to Brazilian legal professionals in the application of national and international torture prevention standards and examples of good practice from across Brazil. It was developed in collaboration with key Brazilian justice institutions including the National Human Rights Secretariat (Secretaria De Direitos Humanos da Presidência da Republica), the Brazilian Bar Association and the National Justice Council (Conselho Nacional de Justiça). Generously printed by the Ministry of Justice Secretariat for Judicial Reform, it is published in both Portuguese and English. Find both the versions here
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