IBA launches e-magazine on International Criminal Court matters for lawyers

IBA launches e-magazine on International Criminal Court matters for lawyers

20 November, 2008

In its continuing effort to encourage lawyers and bar associations to engage with the International Criminal Court (ICC), the International Bar Association (IBA) today launched a new e-magazine, 'EQ: Equality of Arms Review'. This important publication informs lawyers about the ICC’s work through a compilation of concise, thought-provoking articles on important developments at the Court. EQ will act as a valuable resource for lawyers worldwide. This e-magazine is to be published quarterly and subscription to it is free.

Among the many articles in this exciting new publication is an opinion piece by Justice Richard Goldstone (the former Chief prosecutor at the International Criminal Tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda). Entitled ‘For Peace’s Sake: Should Justice Defer to Politics’, it critically assesses the implications of a possible UN Security Council deferral of an arrest warrant against Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir under Article 16 of the Rome Statute. In this regard Justice Goldstone states ‘an Article 16 deferral [by the Security Council], should it occur, will likely be heralded as a failure for justice against the might of politics’.

One unique purpose of EQ is to highlight specific issues faced by defendants and defence teams appearing before the ICC. In this regard, EQ’s first edition contains a special background feature on the defence team representing Thomas Lubanga, the ICC’s first accused. In a stimulating commentary entitled ‘Does the ICC matter to lawyers?’ lawyers worldwide are encouraged to engage fully with the ICC by signing up to the Court’s list of counsel. The magazine also includes insightful commentary on major issues currently faced by the Court, including: disclosure challenges in the Lubanga case, the confirmation of charges against Mathieu Ngudjolo Chui and Germain Katanga and the need for states to implement Rome Statute legislation into their national laws.

Mark Ellis, IBA Executive Director, comments, ‘The long term viability of the ICC depends on collaboration and support of the legal profession. Lawyers need timely information about key developments at the Court in a format that is quick, easy to read, yet comprehensive’. He adds, ‘EQ is an important resource that the IBA expects will increase knowledge and awareness about the ICC and act as an important bridge between the legal community and the Court.’

Click here to read the first edition of EQ: Equality of Arms Review

For a free subscription to EQ: Equality of Arms Review please contact Nell Stevens at nell.stevens@int-bar.org and place ‘EQ’ in the subject line.


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Background to the ICC Monitoring and Outreach Programme

In October 2005, the IBA started its ICC Monitoring and Outreach Programme funded by the MacArthur Foundation.

The IBA has a full-time monitor in The Hague who follows the work and the proceedings of the ICC, focusing in particular on issues affecting the fair trial rights of the accused, the implementation of the 1998 Rome Statute, the Rules of Procedure and Evidence, and related ICC documents, in the context of relevant international standards. Input is received from legal experts and other interested parties in assessing the work and proceedings of the Court.

As the ICC does not exist in a vacuum, the IBA Head of the outreach programme on the ICC, also based in The Hague, works in partnership with bar associations, lawyers and civil society organisations disseminating information and promoting debate on the ICC through the IBA’s membership network. Thus the IBA aims to deepen the understanding of the ICC beyond the limits of the ongoing situations and cases. The IBA facilitates a proactive role for bar associations and lawyers in the implementation of the Rome Statute in key countries.

The IBA has recently launched a dedicated section on its website which contains full information on the ICC Monitoring and Outreach Programme, including programme descriptions, agendas and reports. Further information can be found at here.