IBA Global Insight - Feb/Mar 2014

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The unbearable crisis

The crisis in Syria is putting unsustainable pressure on its neighbours – Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. With public services swamped by refugees and local tensions rising, Global Insight reports on Lebanon, a country bearing an impossible burden.



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Asia: adopting the right mindset

Lawyers should consider factors beyond the letter of the law – such as how it has previously been enforced and local culture – in order to give the best advice, adopting a unique approach to each jurisdiction.



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Living in a digital world: blessing or curse?

Technology has transformed how we live. With real-time global information constantly available, many of us routinely use smartphones or iPads. But, views on the merits of tech-gadgets vary.


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Red flags flying

In 2008 Bernard Madoff admitted that his wealth management business was the biggest Ponzi scheme in history – having defrauded investors of $18bn. The shocking impact has reverberated around the finance world since. So how could it happen and who’s responsible for ensuring it doesn’t again?


Global leaders

Ángel Gurría has served as Secretary-General of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) since June 2006. Previously, he served as Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Secretary of Finance and Public Credit. In this in-depth interview with former CNN news anchor Todd Benjamin, he shares his thoughts on the emerging economies, global inequality, anti-corruption, and the ongoing relevance of the OECD in a world of shifting economic power.

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USA: The SEC: new leader, new era?

SEC Chairwoman Mary Jo White vowed the regulator wouldn’t kowtow to the finance sector. As she approaches the end of her first year in the role, Global Insight assesses how she’s done so far.


Asia: Population crisis: can Japan lead the way in finding a solution?

Japan’s population is shrinking: a declining birthrate and an ageing population have combined to produce a top heavy society that the economy is struggling to support.

Latin America: Countdown to the World Cup

As we enter a momentous year, with football’s World Cup returning to its spiritual home, organisers rush to finish stadiums and lawyers wrestle ambush marketing and freebie tickets.