Litigation - country guides

The Litigation Committee has prepared a guide to the law and practice of litigation in many countries around the world. The material is intended as a high-level practical overview for practitioners and others seeking an introduction to litigation in particular jurisdictions.

Each chapter indicates its authors, who may be contacted with questions or suggestions. Additional chapters are planned and will be posted as they are completed. If you have questions, comments or suggestions generally about the Guide, please contact the editors at the addresses listed below.

Unless otherwise indicated, the texts were published on 1 July 2013.

The editors thank all of the authors who contributed their time and expertise.

This guide is not intended as and must not be considered legal advice.

Australia Bahamas Canada (Ontario)
Canada (Quebec) England & Wales Hong Kong
India Japan Mauritius (2014)
Saudi Arabia South Africa South Korea
Taiwan USA (New York) USA (Texas)