IBA Global Insight - June/July 2014

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Fighting for a better future

Last year, protesters in Ukraine called for an end to corruption and ineffective governance at the highest levels.



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Guilty until proven innocent

As tensions between Russia and Ukraine trigger travel bans and asset freezes, Global Insight reports on the secretive world of sanctions where the normal rules of justice and accountability have been turned on their head.



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Energy focus: the future of fracking

Concerns over dwindling natural resources and energy security in the EU have intensified the global debate about fracking.



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Justice at last for Chilean exiles

A recent landmark decision from the Americas’ highest human rights court brings long-overdue hope that victims of torture in Latin America can obtain swifter and better access to justice.



Sir David Baragwanath

His distinguished career, as Queen’s Counsel and judge of the High Court and Appeal Court of New Zealand among various high profile positions, now sees Sir David Baragwanath take on the Presidency of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, the first international tribunal to adjudicate on terrorism as an international crime.



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Global: crises highlight energy dependency concerns

Unrest in Latin America and Eastern Europe has highlighted the inter-dependent nature of globalised markets, particularly when it comes to energy and natural resources.


Asia: Alibaba listing raises questions for Hong Kong exchange

The Hong Kong stock exchange’s refusal to grant Alibaba an exemption to its strict listing rules has forced the Chinese company to pursue a New York IPO, reopening the corporate governance debate.

Africa: humanitarianism and international law under threat

As attacks on humanitarian agencies suggest the Central African Republic is spinning out of control, the ICC must investigate those responsible.