Panel discussion - Protecting Brazilians from Torture, 13 October 2014

Expert panel L-R: Alex Wilks, Mr Conor Foley, Professor Anthony Pereira, Dr Peter Collecott CMG, Federico Bauer

On Monday 13 October 2014, the IBAHRI launched the English language version of a leading torture prevention manual for legal professionals in Brazil at a high level panel event in London. The event, co-hosted by the IBAHRI, Matrix Chambers and Lex Anglo-Brasil, aimed to bring Brazil’s experiences to a wider international audience and promote global exchange and dialogue in justice reform.

Brazil’s criminal justice system has attracted international notoriety because of the scale of its problems. Crime levels and public security have been a key policy battleground in the recent presidential elections. However, these challenges have a wider international relevance and Brazil’s experiences of justice reform may provide examples and good practices from which other countries can learn. At the event, the high-level panel of international and Brazilian experts discussed some of the challenges facing justice reform, potential solutions and their global significance. Panellists included:

  • Baroness Helena Kennedy QC IBAHRI Co-Chair (Opening remarks)
  • Alex Wilks IBAHRI Principal Programme Lawyer (Moderator)
  • Professor Anthony Pereira Director at King’s Brazil Institute, King’s College London
  • Mr Conor Foley Author of ‘Protecting Brazilians from Torture’
  • Dr Peter Collecott CMG Former UK Ambassador to Brazil 
  • Federico Bauer Political Secretary at the Brazilian Embassy in London

Authored by Conor Foley, Protecting Brazilians from Torture: A Manual for Judges, Prosecutors and Lawyers provides practical guidance to Brazilian legal professionals in the application of national and international torture prevention standards and examples of good practice from across Brazil. 8,000 copies of the Manual’s first edition, developed in collaboration with key Brazilian justice institutions,  were printed and used in nationwide trainings for judges, prosecutors and lawyers in 2011-2013. This second edition contains up-to-date material and is published in both Portuguese and English.

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