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Commonwealth’s reputation at risk if Sri Lanka assumes leadership

UK legal aid reforms will do little to change ‘claims culture’

Bailout or down and out? Portugal and Cyprus wrestle with EU rescue conditions

Military force inadequate to solve Mali’s governance crisis

Kenya: Africans conflicted over President Kenyatta's ICC trial

Qatar: hero or villain?

Lack of transparency in public inquiries ‘not compatible with modern expectations’

Microsoft fined €561m for failing to offer browser choice

Lord Woolf: UK legal aid cuts may cause ‘extreme’ psychological damage

London claims bonus cap does not fit

China: raise corruption early or face the consequences

Mali: successful and legal intervention, but questions remain

US Department of Justice prosecutes Standard & Poor's as tide turns against rating agencies

Russia: historic Magnitsky trial brings corruption and rule of law into focus

Watch this space: lawyers at the frontier of technology

UK considers opt-out of the European Arrest Warrant

US death penalty: Warren Hill case is latest to highlight broken system

US surveillance of cloud data cause for European concern

India: multinationals in the spotlight as officials get tough on tax

Italian elections: don't be distracted by Berlusconi's dazzle

US: defence industry joins battle over looming budget cuts

Feature: Judicious activism - US District Judge, Jed Rakoff (interview)

Feature: Global leaders: Luis Moreno Ocampo, former ICC Chief Prosecutor

Feature: Torture never again - Brazil

Investment arbitration claims could be ‘traded like derivatives’

Restorative justice has ‘fundamental part to play’ says UK minister, but funding remains unclear

Graphene patent wars heat up

Lance Armstrong's Oprah confession: the implications

The ironies of Iraq’s ‘Camp Liberty’

Targets would improve social mobility, says Law Society President

Barroso's euro optimism questioned, as UK Prime Minister promises in/out EU referendum

Wegelin closure signals sea change for Swiss banks

Lack of women at the top is an 'uncomfortable truth' for legal profession, says Law Society President

Chavez inauguration absence causes constitutional uncertainty

Magic circle firms draw up first human rights policies

Security Council must sanction Libya over al-Senussi trial, says top barrister

International law 'not equipped' to deal with drone attacks

‘All abuse needs silence’: UK whistleblowers say laws must change

Egypt: Morsi considering postponement of vote on Constitution, says human rights group

Meaningful action still long overdue on tax avoidance

Feature: The rebirth of Africa? Challenges and opportunities.

Feature: Muhammad Yunus interview: making poverty history.

Feature: Burma - the long road of reform.

Spain’s bad bank hopes to draw on Irish lessons

Leveson: watershed for press ethics or expensive white elephant

China: early indications of a new era of openness under Xi Jinping

Bahrain: a year after Bassiouni report protests continue and West stays silent

US presidential election: Obama still faces major systemic challenges

Chavez re-election is unlikely to spell victory for rule of law

'Shadow of justice' is hanging over Syria, says UN legal chief

Egyptian economy ‘going to hell in a handbasket’

Persecuted lawyers highlight human rights abuses of Iranian regime

All change as India seeks foreign investment to invigorate growth

Economic reform must focus on the world's poorest, say Nobel laureates

Feature: Democratising the drug trade in Latin America

Feature: Environmental law gets radical

Feature: Australian High Court and tobacco industry

Accountability vacuum for exec pay packages is ‘big concern’

German court's green light to euro bailout as Barroso calls for Federal Europe

A tough first year for South Sudan

Lord Woolf: time to rethink public inquiries

Ocampo: Libya has the right to try Gaddafi

Russia's WTO accession brings hope of reform

Discontent spreads to Europe's fringes: Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria

Extradition: legal brief

Assange: the truth about extradition

UK Defamation Bill: making much-needed headway but still falling short

Deferred prosecution agreements ‘no panacea’ for complex fraud

People, not just companies, must pay for financial crime

Internal dispute compounds uncertainty over China arbitration

Winners and losers of London's Olympic Games

Feature: Navigating Europe’s minefield

Feature: Chasing tigers - new business opportunities around Asia

Feature: After the Arab Spring - business opportunities in Asia and Middle East

Challenge to Indonesia’s oil and gas law raises concerns for investors

Libor scandal shatters fragile trust in banks

BP seeks to bring Russian adventure with TNK to an end

Greek elections signal a new direction for Europe

Rio Earth Summit ‘fluff’ highlights need for public interest lawyers

Faltering Facebook IPO sparks class action

Vultures profit from Greek tragedy

EU takes tough stand on Somali pirates

Proposed Hong Kong class action scheme could improve corporate governance

India: Vodafone case highlights potential investor minefield

Syria conflict prompts calls for UN Security Council to reassess legal obligations under Charter

Feature: Iran - from prince to pariah

Feature: Europe's downturn bodes ill for refugees

Feature: Bringing the Khmer Rouge to justice

Europe prepares for Greece to make a drachma out of a crisis

Presidential elections are ‘disaster’ for Egypt, say reformists

Ken Clarke climbs down on secret justice

‘Big Monthly’ exposes failings in Brazilian political system

Behind Lubanga: the battle for gold in the Congo

Nuclear talks must address human rights, says Nobel laureate

Sovereign wealth funds target India

Ched Evans case raises further questions on future of social media

Uganda activists sue government over oil Production Sharing Agreements

Blix condemns 'shocking' lack of legal debate over Iran nuclear threat

UK Secretary of State for Justice forced to defend 'secret justice' proposals

Human rights experts surprised by ECHR terrorist verdict

Feature: The great pay debate

Feature: Global leaders - Chris Saul, senior partner, Slaughter & May

Feature: A woman's lot - discrimination in the legal profession

ICC's landmark Lubanga trial: 'Lessons to be learnt'

UK debt reaches £1 trillion

Dodd-Frank 'puts Grand Canyon between US and the rest of the world'

Greece bailout: doubts remain despite largest government debt restructuring in history

Russian elections: Putin again despite the protests


Romney's tax returns raise familiar questions over offshore havens

Exec pay reforms throw up unresolved problems, say lawyers

'Tumultuous and exhausting' - the impact of oil spill litigation

Feature: Sovereign wealth funds - shifting sands

Feature: Global leaders - Hugh Verrier, chairman, White & Case

Feature: Access denied - interview with UK Justice Secretary Ken Clarke

Egyptian election: enlightened reformers or Mubarak remnants?

City of London buys into year of the Dragon

Year of the Dragon for Gulf oil and gas producers

South Korea: Controversy over free trade agreement

International Criminal Court: the next chief prosecutor?

Saif Gaddafi trial: international or Libyan law?

China enforces competition law against state-owned enterprises

Bahrain regime won't reform, say protesters

Eurozone crisis and MENA's future

Korean competition authority leads attack on pay-for-delay settlements in Asia

Hong Kong residency case must not lead to erosion of the rule of law

Top UK law firms react to first Alternative Business Structure flotation

Libyans must investigate Gaddafi death

Tymoshenko sentence highlights flawed Ukrainian judicial system

OECD Legal Director talks financial crisis and corruption

Patently ridiculous - Leahy-Smith America Invents Act

Time catches up with Gaddafi

Eurozone crisis: reform fatigue a key says EBRD chief counsel

Sovereign states get absolute immunity in Hong Kong

Siemens GC Peter Solmssen on governance, corruption and democracy

Syrian regime will be forced to reform

Justice in doubt in Egypt

Venezuela moving towards 'autocratic regime' says top lawyer

Tokyo Electric: the true meaning of too big to fail

Firms and corporates partner for pro bono

Indian competition authority defends 210-day timeframe for merger review

China: IP rights and wrongs

Mladic arrest: 'extraordinary advancement' for international justice

Portugal's bailout: first steps towards deep-rooted reform

New US whistleblowing ruling prompts heated debate

Middle East uprisings: Saudi Arabia flexes its muscles

Bin Laden killing: justice or revenge?

South Africa invited to form 'BRICS' Grouping

China's top court clarifies rules for private antitrust litigation

Earthquake one month on: Japan 'united' amid nuclear fears

Phone-hacking scandal prompts 'public interest debate'

Justice for Libya: local or 'international'?

Middle East unrest will create 'a new era for the world', say local lawyers

'Dictators and warlords do not belong in our time'

Middle East: Investing for the future

New dispute resolution law provides chance for change (Hong Kong)

Mark Stephens, Julian Assange's lawyer, speaks to the IBA


ECHR judgment on success fees prompts debate among City lawyers


Tunisia: protest and political unrest put rule of law centre stage


IBA profile: Norton Rose partner and Islamic finance specialist Farmida Bi


China expands Latin American oil reserves


Leading Hong Kong law professor Fu Hualing optimistic about China's potential for change


Russian lawyer's death in pre-trial detention - one year on


Akzo judgment on legal privilege prompts strong response


Law firms: to list or not to list?


Exclusive interview with Mohammad Mostafaei, Iranian stoning case lawyer in exile


Transatlantic mergers 2.0 – just don't call them defensive


Singapore pushes for share of Asia's rising arbitration cases


Coming onshore – how the EU is making fund lawyers rethink their strategy


Chinese elite take steps to boost international credentials