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To increase awareness of legal issues related to corporate sustainability, the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and the International Bar Association (IBA), with the generous support of LexisNexis, have produced the second module of a video training manual entitled

Lawyers as Leaders: The Essential Role of Legal Counsel in the Corporate Sustainability Agenda

This module is on anti-corruption and business. 

These videos present analysis, commentary and interviews. The videos hold value not only for in-house counsel, but to any lawyer, law student or member of organisation or civil society interested in these issues.

Lawyers as Leaders – Anti-corruption module video

Corruption is a major obstacle to achieving sustainable development. The private sector has a significant role to play in the fight against corruption. From the perspective of business and corporate counsel, anti-corruption policies and activities are crucial for risk and reputation management, and to ensure ethical and good business practices.

John Sherman, IBA CSR Committee member Yuri Fedotov, Executive Director, UNODC
Huguette Labelle, Chair of the Board, Transparency International Peter Solmssen, Head of Corporate Legal and Compliance, Siemens
Ken Thompson II, IBA CSR Committee Co-Chair/Reed Elsevier