President of IBA Francis Neate to launch global campaign to garner support and advancement to Rule of Law

The President of the International Bar Association (IBA), Francis Neate, is to launch a global campaign to garner support for the adherence to, and advancement of, the Rule of Law. Today at the IBA’s Annual Conference in Prague, before an audience of 4,000 international lawyers he called on Heads of State, major corporations, bar associations, law societies and private practitioners to engage actively with this campaign.

Against the background of an increasing disregard for the Rule of Law, and with the knowledge that observance of the Rule of Law is one of the fundamental pillars for a stable, peaceful and prosperous society, Mr Neate said that the time is right for all these constituencies to be loud in their advocacy of long established principles of justice.

Mr Neate says, ‘We lawyers have a duty, as well as an interest, to respond. Business can only flourish when there is adherence to the Rule of Law. Without it, freedom and democracy cannot exist. Nor can lawyers. We lawyers understand what the Rule of Law means – why it is important – how it works. The Rule of Law is now under threat – even in those countries where previously respect for the Rule of Law seems to have been well established.’