Egypt fact-finding mission, 2011

In June 2011 an IBAHRI delegation undertook a fact-finding mission to Egypt to examine the challenges facing the legal profession prior to and in the months immediately after Egypt’s revolution. A report detailing the mission's findings, conclusions and recommendations, entitled Justice at a Crossroads: The Legal Profession and the Rule of Law in Egypt, calls on Egypt’s transitional military government, future Parliament, and the Egyptian Bar Association (EBA) to carry out wide-ranging reform to strengthen the rule of law in the country and to address challenges faced by Egypt’s legal profession. Download the report in ArabicDownload the report in ArabicDownload the report in Arabic ...

Alongside the IBAHRI’s findings, the Report includes recommendations for institutional and law reform aimed at supporting the legal profession and upholding human rights. Read more on the Report's findings and recommendations.

 The report was launched at a panel discussion in the House of Lords, London, on 28 November 2011. Click here for more information on the launch, including a podcast of the discussion.