IBA Announces Second Significant Grant for Work at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia

The International Bar Association (IBA) today announces the award of a second major grant from the Foundation Open Society Institute - Zug for the sum of USD 266,000. The grant will be used to support the IBA’s recruitment and placement of four new Fellows to work for one year at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) at The Hague, in the Netherlands.

The Fellows will work under the direct supervision of the President of the ICTY and under senior legal officers of the Appeals Chamber, as special law clerks for cases on appeal. They will be involved specifically, but not exhaustively in:
  • conducting legal research on a diverse range of assigned issues in international law as well as specialist areas such as international humanitarian law;
  • assisting the judges and senior legal officers in the review of legal documents, instruments, or other material, and identifying important issues, similarities, and inconsistencies;
  • assisting in the preparation of drafts of background papers, studies, and reports; and
  • assessing the relevance or admissibility of evidence before the Appeals Chamber.
Mark Ellis, IBA Executive Director, said, ‘Given how stretched the resources of the Court are, the Fellows provide a significant contribution to the ICTY in supporting the concept of international justice. The IBA is delighted to have been awarded another major grant to continue this important work.’

Judge Theodor Meron, President of the Tribunal, stated, ‘I am so pleased that the IBA has extended its highly successful fellowship programme for the ICTY. The Fellows have provided indispensable support to the Tribunal during the past year, and I am gratified that we will continue to benefit from their contribution in this critical stage of our work. I am especially reassured by the IBA's continued commitment to international justice and to the principle of holding accountable persons accused of having committed some of the most egregious crimes in recent memory.’

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