Lebanon’s Director General of Ministry of Justice to address IBA business women lawyers’ event in Beirut

Today in Beirut, Judge Mayssam Noueiri, Director General of the Lebanese Ministry of Justice, will provide opening remarks to an audience gathered for the International Bar Association (IBA) Women Business Lawyers Initiative. It is the first time that the event, held in partnership with the Arab International Women’s Forum (AIWF) and the Beirut Bar Association (BBA), is being held in Beirut.

Founder Chairman of AIWF Haifa Fahoum Al Kaylani said, ‘The objectives of the IBA Women Business Lawyers Initiative to empower Arab women, build skills and awareness of global standards and encourage female lawyers to take up leadership positions in their industry are very much in line with AIWF’s own mission of promoting education, leadership training, capacity building, self-development and networking for women and youth in all sectors of business and professional life.’

She added, ‘At our joint conference with the IBA in Beirut, Lebanon, and with the valued collaboration of the Beirut Bar Association we will host a number of prominent Lebanese guest speakers, who are legal experts in their field and who will share their renowned and widely acknowledged expertise with the participants who we are certain will derive great benefit from attending this special event.’

Monsieur le Bâtonnier Antonio El Hachem, President of the Beirut Bar Association, will join Judge Noueiri and Ms Al Kaylani in addressing the more than 100 participating speakers and delegates, primarily from Middle East countries.

Lawyer and Director of the Beirut Bar Association Human Rights Institute Elisabeth Zakharia Sioufi commented, ‘By implementing its Women Business Lawyers Initiative in different countries, the IBA helps empowering women lawyers and strengthening their skills in order to develop their careers on both national and international levels. Within the scope of this initiative, the conference on 3 March 2016 at La Maison de l’Avocat in Beirut, will deepen knowledge of the current trends in international  commercial practices and improve networking capacities as well as building bridges between lawyers in the region and internationally. It will also offer the opportunity for Lebanese lawyers to discuss several key issues with colleagues and experts from other countries.

The line-up of speakers brings an extensive range of expertise to discussions from diverse sectors including government, civil society, private practice and corporate counsel. Programme topics include: the opportunities Lebanese lawyers have to practise in other countries and how to make the transition from national to international practice; the processes and challenges when dealing with international bodies of arbitration in cross-border commercial contracts; and international and domestic Lebanese anti-corruption framework and their importance for international business lawyers.

The IBA Women Business Lawyers Initiative is a one-day event open to both male and female legal practitioners without charge and will commence 0830 on Thursday 3 March 2016 at 1st Floor, La Maison de l’Avocat (House of Lawyer), Beirut, Lebanon.

Click here to download the programme and the full list of speakers from the IBA website.



Notes to the Editor

(1)   The IBA Initiative for Women Business Lawyers was developed at the request of women commercial lawyers based in Dubai with aspirations to increase their knowledge base of international commercial law and to enhance their awareness of global standards and trends in commercial practice. The inaugural programme took place in Dubai, UAE, on 4–5 March 2014. After the success of the inaugural programme, the IBA made the decision to offer this initiative to jurisdictions both in the Middle East and Africa with the support of the IBA Arab Regional Forum, the IBA African Regional Forum, the IBA Women Lawyers Interest Group and the IBA Crimes Against Women Subcommittee of the Criminal Law Committee. The second programme for the Middle East, entitled Jordanian Women in Legal Professions: Challenges and Opportunities took place in Amman on 7 September 2015 in partnership with the Arab International Women’s Forum and the Arab Women’s Legal Network. The first African programme, African women in law rising, took place in Livingstone, Zambia, on 21–22 April 2015 in partnership with the Law Association of Zambia. In partnership with FIDA Nigeria the IBA hosted the second African programme, Thematic Discussions on Challenges and Best Legal Practices in Nigeria, in Lagos, Nigeria on 2 November 2015.

(2)    The International Bar Association(IBA), established in 1947, is the world’s leading organisation of international legal practitioners, bar associations and law societies. Through its global membership of individual lawyers, law firms, bar associations and law societies, it influences the development of international law reform and shapes the future of the legal profession throughout the world.

The IBA’s administrative office is in London. Regional offices are located in: São Paulo, Brazil; Seoul, South Korea; and Washington, DC, United States, while the International Bar Association’s International Criminal Court and International Criminal Law Programme (ICC & ICL) is managed from an office in The Hague.

The International Bar Association’s Human Rights Institute (IBAHRI) works to promote, protect and enforce human rights under a just rule of law, and to preserve the independence of the judiciary and the legal profession worldwide.


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