2nd Annual Corporate Governance Conference – Board composition

Board composition
Recent corporate scandals have put a new focus on the importance of proper composition of boards. But what is proper composition? What role plays diversity and what constitutes diversity when it comes down to board composition. What other elements influence board dynamics? This panel is composed of experts who advise boards, sit on boards and counsel boards on all aspects of governance. In an interactive session the panel will look at some recent scandals to address these questions.
Vanessa Blackmore Sullivan & Cromwell, London; Vice-Chair, IBA Corporate and M&A Law Committee
Derk Lemstra Stibbe, Amsterdam; Secretary-Treasurer, IBA Capital Markets Forum
Ellisa O Habbart Delaware Counsel Group, Wilmington; Secretary, IBA Corporate Governance Subcommittee
Fiona Hathorn Managing Director, Women on Boards UK, London
Erik van de Loo Professor in Leadership, INSEAD, Fontainebleau/ TIAS, Tilburg