Interview with Juan Mendez (2012)


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    Timings and topics can be found below.

    Timings and topics

    1.30: Personal experience of torture.
    5.20: The definition of torture.
    7.00: Solitary confinement.
    11.20: The challenges of fact-finding missions and lack of state co-operation.
    13.55: Worst violators.
    16.30: Situation in Libya.
    18.55: Mechanisms for transitional justice.
    21.45: Syria, the Security Council and the ‘responsibility to protect’.
    25.15: Guantanamo Bay and Bradley Manning.
    28.30: Is torture justified?
    35.20: A victim-focused approach.
    38.10: Bush’s torture memos.
    40.45: Assessment of the International Criminal Court (ICC).
    44.30: Evidence obtained under torture: removing incentives.
    48.35: Obama administration’s ‘violation of international obligations’.
    49.40: Torture undermines civil society.
    53.50: The ICC and African states / non-state immunity.
    56.10: Collateral damage: term been ‘grossly abused’.
    58.40: Arbitrary detention.
    1.00.45: Why does torture happen?
    1.02.50: Hopes for the future: ‘We can abolish torture like we abolished slavery.’