18th Annual International Arbitration Day - The future of investment arbitration

The future of investment arbitration 
What will be done to address criticism by the general public that investment arbitration is elitist, non-transparent and biased?
How will the trend of states taking back interpretive authority from arbitration tribunals as to investment treaty provisions affect substantive standards and dispute resolution?
Will arbitrators increasingly take public interest in investment arbitration into account and deliver justice in a broader sense?
What is the prospect of a shift to a permanent investment court and/or an appellate body for investment arbitration?
Barton Legum Dentons, Paris
Martina Polasek Senior Counsel, ICSID, Washington DC
Gabriel Bottini University of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires
Lee M Caplan Arent Fox, Washington DC
Hans-Hermann Klare Foreign Editor, Stern Magazine, Hamburg
Céline Lévesque University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario