26th Annual Communications and Competition Conference - Privacy and social networks - what are the legal limits?

Privacy and social networks – what are the legal limits
Profiling practices, big data applications, PRISM, the right to be forgotten – the privacy issues arising from social networking
continue to be a hot and fiercely discussed topic. The session discusses the legal implications and framework of privacy
protection for social networks, the current legal disputes and what we can expect from the regulators in the future.
Chung Nian Lam WongPartnership, Singapore; Vice-Chair, IBA Communications Law Committee
Stephan Polster
Nina Barakzai Group Head of Data Protection of Privacy, British Sky Broadcasting, London
John Harrison Director, PIB-d, London
Maximilian Schrems europe-v-facebook.org, Vienna
Wojciech Wiewiórowski Assistant European Data Protection Supervisor, EDPS, Brussels