Free Zones and Foreign Investments



Free Zones and Foreign Investments

7 February 2019,City Centre Rotana Doha, Doha, Qatar

A conference presented by the IBA Arab Regional Forum

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Main topic: Free Zones Law

To discuss about the new Free Zones Law of Qatar, its significant highpoints and direct & indirect impacts. The topic also will cover how does the Law help to attract foreign investments to Qatar, its advantages and disadvantages if any.

Sub topics: Arbitration and Taxation Laws in Qatar

The discussions can lead to understand how far the new Arbitration Law would help free zones, enforcement of arbitration awards etc. and other important aspects of Arbitration Law of Qatar. International arbitration and its comparison with Qatar Arbitration system could be a relevant topic to discuss upon.

Taxation Law is another sub-topic which is aimed to enlighten the audience with a general awareness of Qatar’s tax regime as well as its application. There shall be updates on the upcoming VAT in Qatar and its far-reaching impacts. The subtopic is expected to cover taxation related to Free zones in Qatar.

The sessions are expected to create awareness about how the machinery of Free zones work practically in Qatar. There will be speaking slots and discussions from eminent scholars and renowned speakers from the specific sectors who are well versed with the topics.

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