IBA Latin American Entrepreneurship Conference: challenges and opportunities in Latin America

IBA Latin American Entrepreneurship Conference: Challenges and Opportunities in Latin America

7–8 November 2019, São Paulo, Brazil

A conference presented by the IBA Closely Held and Growing Business Enterprises Committee

The Latin American Entrepreneurship Conference will further develop the Closely Held Committee’s technology, disruption and innovation focus as applicable in Latin American countries.

Entrepreneurship is challenging anywhere in the world, but in Latin America entrepreneurs and investors are faced with additional issues. On the other hand, the region presents additional opportunities compared to other parts of the world. After many years, the Closely Held and Growing Business Enterprise Committee will again organise a conference in Latin America to discuss legal issues specific to the region.

São Paulo will also bring us the opportunity to organise our traditional social events to interact and meet old and new friends in a relaxed and easy-going environment.

Topics include:
  • Innovation in the agribusiness: can Latin America solve the Malthusian trap?
  • Global entrepreneurship and growth strategies of the ’multi-latinas’ in other key traditional sectors
  • Crowdfunding in Latin America: theory and practice
  • Finance, Fintech and banking
  • How technology is helping the fight against corruption in Latin America
  • Latin American startups and scale ups: what are the main legal challenges?
  • Latin American unicorns: are there common features in their success stories?
  • Lawtech: how are Latin American law firms dealing with new products and realities?
  • Legal and financial issues in M&A/Private Equity transactions involving Latin American startups and tech companies
  • Litigation issues relating to technology companies in Latin America

Speaker opportunities

If you would like to be considered as a potential speaker at this specialist conference then please contact the relevant Chair / Co-chairs in the Closely Held and Growing Business Enterprises with your request; please send your bio together with information on your qualification and expertise on the topic.

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