IBA Annual Conference - Welcome Party

Welcome Party

Sunday 7 October, 1900 – 2200

Villa Aldobrandini, Frascati

The venue for this year’s opening party will be the Villa Aldobrandini, an architectural masterpiece of the 16th century, located in the Roman hills, and overlooking the charming town of Frascati. Built in 1550 and renovated by the family of Pope Clement VIII in the early 1600’s, the villa’s stunning décor includes works by many Italian masters including Bellini, da Vinci, Mantegna and Tintoretto. The gardens are as much of a delight and include multiple terrace levels and fountains and, in particular, the famous Teatro delle Acque, a semi-circular nymphaeum elaborately decorated in baroque style, which will be the setting for a unique baroque performance. Private use of this amazing venue, still inhabited by the Aldobrandini family, will leave delegates with lasting memories. Fireworks, food and 16th century elegance are a wonderful introduction to the beautiful world of Rome.

Bus transportation will be departing from the official Conference hotels to the Welcome Party; departure times will be listed in the hotels. There will also be additional departures from the Roma Convention Center La Nuvola at 1830. If you are planning to arrive independently, please note the venue is located in the Frascati region, approximately one hour drive outside of central Rome.


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