Challenges in the 21st Century - exploration and development of oil and gas projects

Exploration and development of oil and gas projects, how to continue investing?
The oil and gas industries have been changing dramatically. Global economic weakness, volatile prices marked by increased supply and receding demand growth; the development of more efficient sources of alternative power has collaborated to curtail the need for oil and, from the gas market perspective, the natural gas market expects production to exceed demand in the short term. These developments are driving oil and gas companies to restructure their businesses.
This panel will address, in an interactive fashion, current options and trends in the oil and gas sector regarding corporate restructuring and turn-around cases and opportunities, and their legal challenges, including: joint ventures, Master Limited Partnerships (MLP), mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, and other structures.
Giovanni LossMattos Filho Veiga Filho Marrey Jr e Quiroga Advogados, Rio de Janeiro; Chair, IBA Oil and Gas Law Committee
Enrique BernalesHead of Oil and Gas, Banco Itaú, New York
Manny GrilloBaker Botts, New York
Matt RogersDirector, Oil, Power & Gas, Mckinsey, San Francisco, California
Stephanie StimpsonTorys, Calgary, Alberta
Daniel SzyfmanMachado Meyer Sendacz e Opice Advogados, Rio de Janeiro