Switch HOW to WOW and to WoM [Word-of-mouth]


Switch HOW to WOW and to WoM [Word-of-mouth] Practical and Innovative ways to wow your clients, improve loyalty and turn your clients to be your biggest ambassadors [that every lawyer can implement!]

Webinar, 12 February 2019 1300 GMT

Want to attract more clients to your firm? Create more loyal clients? Turn past and existing clients into raving fans?

Word-of-mouth is the most powerful growth channel for your firm. So how do you tap into it? How can you get MORE word-of-mouth?

Word-of-Mouth is the number one way that prospective clients find out about your firm [offline and online]. However, most lawyers or law firms don’t have an effective word-of-mouth growth plan.

Join us and the experts' panel to this one-of-a-kind practical webinar to learn the right steps and a few essential changes and improvements you need to take to create the WOW effect and to turn every wow to a word-of-mouth for your firm. Do it well, and people happily and effectively share you with others. Do it poorly, and they forget who you are before you’re even done speaking.


Itzik Amiel, Attorney-at-Law, Bestselling author, Founder & CEO THE SWITCH®, The Netherlands

Itzik Amiel

Itzik is considered the global leading authority on business development, networking, personal branding and client engagement strategies. He is a sought-after speaker, trainer, business mentor, Attorney-at-law and accountant. Itzik is the bestselling author of ‘The Attention Switch’ and Founder & CEO of THE SWITCH®, which helps professionals switch relationships to referral and results, engage with their clients and grow their practice. Itzik’s keynote presentations, training and workshops combine in an interactive way knowledge with unique how-to's. They are truly a memorable experience. Itzik is a regular keynote speaker at business events and conferences globally and he has delivered over a few hundred keynote presentations and executive briefings in more than 68 countries worldwide. Itzik has shared the stage with world’s premier thought-leaders including the Dalai Lama, Richard Branson, Bob Geldof, Les Brown, Nick Vuijicic, Robert Kiyosaki, Mark V Hansen etc.


Tzachi Ben-Sasson, Marketing Manager, Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty, Amdocs

Tzachi Ben-Sasson

Tzachi Ben-Sasson is an Organization Psychologist and a Marketing Executive, specializing in Customer Experience (CX) and Group Facilitation. Throughout the past 26 years, Tzachi helped transform the way businesses think about their customers, how to glean customer insights, what should companies be measuring and how to motivate employee behavior towards CX goals. Tzachi is currently working in the High-Tech industry across Europe and Asia and responsible for customer satisfaction and Loyalty.

Stephen Hamlet, CEO, Russell Bedford International

Stephen Hamlet

With twenty years’ experience in professional services, Stephen moved rapidly into business development roles with increasing responsibility, building a track record in re-energising, enhancing and expanding global membership organisations. Having held leadership positions at international accounting associations over the past 10 years, Stephen has gained expertise in building international relationships and facilitating cross-border cooperation. Stephen is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, having qualified with a Top 20 accounting firm in London, after graduating from Exeter University with a Law degree. As Chief Executive, Stephen assumes responsibility for developing Russell Bedford International (a network of independent accountants, auditors, tax advisors & business consultants, covering some 300 offices in almost 100 countries) on a global scale, including maximising membership benefits, strengthening the network, and maintaining its high reputation of quality. Traveling around the world to various events, and to specifically meet and interact with colleagues of accounting firms at their local offices, is vital to the role. Conveniently, Stephen is passionate about travel, meeting people from various cultures, as well as keeping fit!

Terri Pepper Gavulic, Executive Director, TerraLex

Terri Pepper

Terri Pepper Gavulic is Executive Director of TerraLex, a global network of more than 150 law firms. At TerraLex, Terri manages the association’s business operations and is responsible for strategic planning, innovation, and staff management, as well as member and client development. Previously, she was Director of Legal Support at Fisher & Phillips LLP, a labour and employment law firm in the US, where she had oversight for the staffing and operations of the firm’s 33 offices, and led programmes in legal project management, client and customer service, firm growth issues, training and coaching, and operations. Before that she was a Vice President with management consultancy Hildebrandt, and led that company’s client assessment team and assisted firms and entities in the legal industry on initiatives ranging from organisational development, strategic planning, operations, governance, marketing, and more. Terri holds a MBA from the Warrington College of Business at the University of Florida. She is a Fellow in the College of Law Practice Management and serves on that organisation’s Board of Trustees.

Aku Sorainen, Founder & Senior Partner, Sorainen

Aku Sorainen

Aku Sorainen is the senior partner of Sorainen, a leading regional law firm, which he founded in 1995 in Estonia and later expanded to Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus. Aku is of Finnish origin, but has worked as a lawyer in the Baltic States since 1993. He specialises in advising local and foreign corporations and investors in the Baltic States. He has worked primarily in the fields of M&A and Real Estate, and has led legal teams in tens of acquisition projects across the Baltic States. Aku is the Honorary Consul of Malta in Estonia. He is a recommended practitioner in many publications, including PLC Which Lawyer, Chambers Global, and European Legal Experts.